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These Terms and Conditions shall govern the Contract between the Seller and the Buyer to the exclusion of any other terms and conditions.  The Seller shall supply and the Buyer shall acquire the Goods and/or Services and/or the benefit of the Services in accordance with Seller’s published price list and these Terms and Conditions.  No variation to these Terms and Conditions shall be binding unless agreed in writing and signed by both the Buyer and the authorized representative of the Seller. 
1. Definitions - Buyer means the party by whom or on behalf of whom instructions have been given to the Seller for the supply of Services and//or Goods. Goods mean all goods or other items which the Seller offers to the Buyer.  Services mean the Services that the Seller provides to the Buyer.  Seller means Clifton Aviation Ltd (Company registration number 8114463) whose registered office is situated at Hangar SE40, Gloucestershire Airport Cheltenham GL51 6SP.  Services mean any supply by the seller for anything other than for goods whether this is for instructional time, administration fees or any otherwise associated Services that the Seller offers. Under these terms and conditions set out here the ‘The Company’ or ‘Club’ shall mean the ‘Seller’ as defined above.  The 'Aerodrome' shall mean Gloucestershire Airport Ltd.
2. Opening Hours - Clifton Aviation Ltd opening hours are 09:00 to 17:00.  In certain circumstances, flying outside of these stated opening times may be authorized by the CFI or Operations Manager (i.e. night training/night flying).  The guidelines set out in the Operations Manual with reference to out-of-hours operations must be adhered to. 
3. Charges & Fees  - The charges for flight instruction and for the hire of the aircraft shall be fixed by the Company and may be subject to revision from time to time.  The appropriate charge must be paid immediately upon the completion of any flight unless alternative arrangements have been pre-agreed with the Company.  Fuel prices are set by Gloucestershire airport, the Company charges 10p per liter + vat over and above the Gloucestershire airports’ published rate. 
4. Bookings and Cancellation of Flights - All bookings must be made via and approved by a company staff member.  Subject to the availability of an aircraft and/or a flying instructor, A member may book in advance a time for instruction or the hire of an aircraft and must be available at least ten minutes prior to that time.  Cancellation of any bookings, whether instruction or private hire purposes, must be notified to the Company no later than 24 hours prior to the booking commencement time.  Cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice will attract a £30.00 (incl. VAT) cancellation fee for each booking cancelled.  Exemptions will only be made under exceptional circumstances and entirely at the discretion of the Company.  Members failing to be present at the Club for the commencement of booking or arriving too late to allow the flight to be carried out will be deemed as having made a late cancellation and will be charged in accordance with the Company cancellation policy defined above. 
5 Cancellations due to Weather - Cancellations of bookings both for private hire or instruction, due to weather-related reasons must be agreed with a member of the Club staff in advance of the booking commencement time.  For Students, it is the responsibility of the student to call the Club on the morning of their flight to ascertain whether or not the flight or lesson can go ahead.  This decision is at the discretion of the Instructor. 
6. Payments - All payments for Self  Fly Hire or training will be made immediately after a flight unless you previously agreed on alternative arrangements with a member of the Company staff.  Bookings for 5 or 10-hour blocks can be made at a discounted rate provided they are paid for in advance.  For pre-booked courses, a deposit of 20% of the total course fee will be required in advance before a booking can be confirmed.  Payments made by credit cards (as opposed to debit cards) will attract a payment surcharge of 3% plus vat.  For any other account, payment is strictly due on the day after the invoice date.  If the buyer fails to make any payment on the due date then the Seller shall be entitled to cancel the Contract or suspend any further supply of Goods and Services to the Buyer and charge the Buyer interest from the due date up to the date of the actual payment in full on the amount unpaid at the rate of 8% per annum above base rate.  Such interest shall accrue on a daily basis and be compounded monthly
7. Refunds All payments made in advance for any courses or block hour bookings are non-refundable. 
8. Membership Fees - Membership Fees are paid annually or on a pro-rata basis and are non-refundable.  All persons flying in the Company aircraft must hold current membership with all fees fully paid in advance.  Persons undergoing a ‘trial flying lesson’, ‘flight Test’ or as a ‘passenger/guest or a member’ may hold temporary membership in accordance with the Company Operations Manual, this does not require an annual membership.

9. Accommodation on Residential Courses - The prices of our residential courses do not include accommodation.  We can suggest several local accommodation providers to you and give you their details.  Any student wishing to make their own arrangements for accommodation may do so.  All accommodation costs must be made directly to the accommodation provider.  

10. Additional Costs - All non-flying items such as ground school, equipment, exams etc must be paid for separately.  Such items may be deducted from a customers’ flying account solely at the discretion of the Seller
*Promotional Offers
All promotional offers are only valid for 3 months, all Valentine's day special deal purchases must be used by the 14th May, 2023, after which date the voucher will become invalid, and refunds are not possible.

** Valentines' day Promotional Flights taken after the 28th of February 2023, will not include the bottle of prosecco.**
The offer ends on February 14 2023.

Terms and conditions V3.2_04-2015 

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