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Why not try something new!

Trial Flights

Whether you are looking for that special gift or you want to make flying your full-time job, Trial flights are the perfect place to start!

To purchase a trial flight please do so through the store, or if you require additional information please call 01452 690898 or email us at, *


*Please note: You should mention which type of flight you are enquiring about, in your email.

We offer 30, 45 and 60 minute Trial flights. To find out which one works for you read more below. We also offer you the option to have your flight recorded! To find out more about this please ask a member of staff on the day of your flight.

30 Minutes


The 30 Minute Trial Flight is the perfect options for those looking to buy family or friends a once in a lifetime opportunity, our friendly instructors will take you through a briefing covering all safety features onboard the aircraft and basic controls for your flight. Once this brief is complete you will be taken to the aircraft, when the engine starts your flight time will begin, the instructor will decide which direction is most suitable, however, should you have a preference which direction you wish to fly, we will endeavor to go in that direction,  once airborne the instructor will hand you control of the plane at this point the sky is the limit, you will be in command of the plane, flying and being able to look at the breathtaking views of Gloucester and the Great Malvern hills.


45 Minutes


while this is not our most popular option you do get more for your money, you get the same experience at the 30-minute trial flight however instead of being in the air for only 20 minutes you will be there from 30-35, this is the perfect gift for people who have a love for flying.


60 Minutes


This is our most popular option. While it is the most expensive option we have we would recommend this package to anyone who is looking to take up flying as a career. This one hour flight will allow cover more than the 30 or 45-minute options, this is down to you being in the air even longer, allowing you more time at the controls of the plane. The best part, you can place this flight into your log book! So if you are looking or know someone who is looking to take up flying as a career then why not book this truly amazing experience for them!

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