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Night Rating

The Night Rating

The night qualification is a must for those short winter days so you can return safely to your home airfield. Once you have qualified there is no renewal or revalidation requirements. Furthermore, there is no test at the culmination of the training course.

Having said all that, Flight Safety and common sense dictate that if you have not flown at night for some time a dual flight with a night qualified instructor would be prudent.

Pre-Course Entry

It is recommended that the applicant must be able to fly Straight and Level, Climb, Descend and Turn by sole reference to instruments prior to commencing the night qualification course.

Training for a night qualification (Airplanes) may be completed and included within the 45 hours total flight time required for the JAR-FCL PPL(A), providing the minimum requirements at (a) and (b) have been met.

(a) 25 hours Dual instruction on airplanes

(b) 10 hours supervised solo flight on airplanes

In addition, training for the night qualification may be completed after receiving your license, if you choose to take this option you will be required to have a physical copy of your license. Please note; that a night rating CANNOT be added to a UK LAPL Licence,

Flight Training

The flight training shall include 5 hours overall night training in an airplane to include 3 hours dual night training including1 hour dual night navigation and 5 take off and full stop landings at night as Pilot In Command of the airplane. The remaining hours can be flown either dual or solo.

Flight Test

There is no flight test at the end of the training.



To fly as pilot in command of an airplane at night.


License dependant.

If the license holder is to carry a passenger at night,
a) The holder of a license within the preceding 90 days, has made at least three takes offs and landings as the sole manipulator of the controls of an airplane of the same type or class; and

b) If the holder of a license that does not include a valid instrument rating (airplane), at least one of those take-offs and landings have been at night.

Revalidation / Renewal Requirements

There are no revalidation or renewal requirements.


AOPA Night Flying Syllabus
Night Flying Manual and Syllabus by R D Campbell
Air Pilots Manual Book 5 by Trevor Thom

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